Talk on SIDA and sexuality

This Saturday, December 5, 2020, Alliance française des Cayes hosted, under the initiative of Project 3413, a talk in commemoration of the international AIDS day (December 1) around the theme: AIDS and sexuality; between knowledge and false knowledge.

It was a very enriching talk. The excitement and thirst for knowledge could be read on the faces of these young people who made the trip. This talk, for them, they say, was an opportunity to talk about the subjects that remain taboo for many among them, to deconstruct the myths they have inherited.
Relive in pictures this name so strong.

A big thank you to Alliance française des Cayes which, as always, opened its doors to us for the Causerie. A partnership that continues to grow.
Special thanks to Drs Fonie Pierre and Josee Isabelle Riche, speaker and moderator respectively, who were able to lead this talk well.

Photo Credit: Jean Joseph Merlin Sidney