project 3413


In Haiti, more than 200,000 children are out of school. In 2003, the average age of children enrolled in 6th grade was 16, when they should not have been over 11 or 12. This is explained by the weight of school fees for poor families, who barely managed to send a child to school during certain months or years when they could pay the fees. Even today, most Haitian children do not have access to quality education. Schools in Haiti still face problems with funding, teacher training and academic success. These challenges make it exponentially more difficult for generations of Haitian children to break out of the cycle of poverty and achieve economic and social progress. Project 3413 wants through mini projects, to help children in disadvantaged areas to have access to education by paying school fees for some, by offering them school materials. Raising Awareness for an equitable and quality education for all disregarding gender, disability, and sexual orientation.

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